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summerschool 2011
SummerSchool 2011
Global Inequality. Labor Markets, Growth and Social Reforms in Advanced and Emerging Countries
18th-25th June 2011
ISEO Summer School in year 2011 attracted the record amount of participants: 97 PhD students have come to Iseo from all over the world. Everyone of them was unique personality and prominent intellectual, therefore totalling them together in one place was a great achievement of the Summer School organisers.

The 8th Edition of the Summer School under title "Global Inequality. Labour Markets, Growth and Social Reforms in advanced and emerging countries" gathered the most significant lecturers in the field, two of them Prof Dale Mortensen and Prof Spence are Nobel winners in Economics. The latter is an old friend and lecturer in Summer School, so are Robert Wescott and Prof Ha-Joon Chang ( Cambridge University). This year Summer School has hosted also two new eminent figures in academic field such as Prof Colin Sage (University College Cork) and Prof Paul Segal (Sussex University). Their lectures has drew attention equally to the Nobels' and formed captivating discussions within the group of participants. Even though the highly-regarded Chairman Prof. Robert Solow could not attend the Summer Schoor this year, his invisible presence was notable.

The peculiarity of the Summer School is that academic activities such as lectures and discussions are combined with more relaxed opportunity to talk to Nobels and professors outside classroom, during the dinner or coffee breaks. There is an astounding chance for students to talk over their own research dilemmas and find out solutions and advice from the 'braniacs' in Economics. What make us proud of the informal concept of ISEO Summer School is that a lot of students really appreciated this chance to meet professors in private and informal athmosphere and evaluated it greatly for their future study and research implementation.

Apart from studies, participants were engaged in other activities such as playing sports, swimming, canoeing, tennis; sightseeing in Venice and Monteisola; degustating wines and fine dining at Berlucchi wineyard. Social events provided students with room for socialising and making useful contacts in between, so they left Iseo with the Certificate of completion and, what is more important, with the bunch of new friends.

Here below you can get useful information about 2011 edition.

You can download the full list of the participants, the programme of the week including the biographies of the lecturers, the presentations used by all the lecturers during the Summer School and you can also have a look at all the pictures taken during the week in iseo simply following this link.

If you want to consult the press coverage, all the articles will be available soon under "Stampa/ Press".

Downloadable documents:
- List of participants Summer School 2011 (.pdf )
- Programme of the Summer School 2011 (.pdf)
- Prof. Spence presentation (.pps)
- Prof. Chang presentation (.pps)
- Prof. Segal presentation (.pps)
- Prof. Mortensen presentation (.pps)
- Prof. Wescott presentation (.pps)
- Prof. Sage presentation (.pps)
Photogallery Have a look at the pictures taken during the Summer School 2011
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