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SummerSchool 2010
Towards the New Architecture. Emerging and Developing Economies after the Crisis
19th-26th June 2010
I.S.E.O. Summerschool 7th edition:
A wonderful experience!

2010 summerschool made a great new record by gathering up fantastic 84 participants from 31 countries around the globe. This heterogenic but yet solid group spent an unforgettable week in the northern Italy. Students and young professionals had arrived to a peaceful village of Iseo to follow lectures, held by the forefront economists of today, including three winners of the most sought-after prize in the world, Nobel Laureateates.

The topic of the conference was: " Towards the New Architecture. Emerging and developing economies after the crisis." Each of the seven outstanding instructors tied up their own special expertise and research to the topic of the conference in a fascinating way. Probably the most expected lecturer, chairman of the institute and a Nobel Laureate 1987, Professor Robert Solow kept two lectures during the week and attended actively to off-class activities as well. Moreover, Professor Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate 2001, who is already an old friend to our summerschool, kept an intensive and informative lecture on Tuesday afternoon. The third Nobel Laureate this year was Professor George Akerlof, who shared the Nobel of 2001 with Spence and Joseph E. Stiglitz.

Beyond the Nobel-Laureates we had a chance to enjoy the lectures of four other experts. Professor Robert Wescott started the academic part of summerschool in an extremely interesting and charming fashion. Professor Ha-Joon Chang from Cambridge continued the classes on Monday afternoon. Still, in a public conference, held on Wednesday, we had an opportunity to hear economic forecasts of executive director of IMF, Arrigo Sadun. Finally, the last lecturer of the summerschool 2010 was Professor Paul Collier from Oxford University.

If you want to have a look at the summerschool program and other useful materials (such as the press coverage) please check the downloadable materials here below. You can also find the documents that lecturers used during their classes.
Also, you can watch and download all the pictures made during the week of the summerschool:

simply follow this link:
photogallery summerschool 2010

Downloadable documents:
- Programme of the summerschool (.pdf )
- Prof. Chang presentation (.pps)
- Prof. Akerlof presentation - Part. I (.pps)
- Prof. Akerlof presentation - Part. II (.pps)
Photogallery Have a look at the pictures taken during the Summer School 2010
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