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Learn Economics from Nobel Laureates
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SummerSchool 2009
Financial Markets in the World Economy
20th-27th June 2009
I.S.E.O. Summerschool 6th edition:
Once in a lifetime experience

Respectively to previous editions, this year's I.S.E.O summerschool was a great success accompanied with 70 students from 40 different countries. The utmost performance of eight different lecturers guaranteed a high standard of knowledge for this culturally divert group. Students came from 60 different universities with different backgrounds in education, all the way from law students to biologists, and they were all tied together with the common thought of the philosophy of economy.

The outstanding group of speakers, all undisputed experts on their fields, provided students with common and in-depth information about the local and global financial crises. Professor Robert Solow, Chairman of the institute and a Nobel Laureate 1987, had wonderful time with students during the lectures and off the lectures. Professor William Sharpe, a Nobel Laureate from 1990 was a first timer in I.S.E.O. His lectures raised a lot of interest amongst students and I.S.E.O. is hoping to meet with his brilliance many more times in the future. Professor Michael Spence, a Nobel Laureate from 2001, an old friend to I.S.E.O. kept his streak the longest inside lecturers and attended other previous editions already.

Moreover, adding the volume of the topics discussed, four other experts were sharing their knowledge with the students. Allen Sinai, President of Decision Economics, an expert consult shared his opinions in two seminars conducted. Professor Luigi Spaventa, a former minister of Italian government and an expert on monetary issues, gave his lecture with great enthusiasm and was widely praised. Professor David Vines from Oxford University gave his lecture on macro economics on financial crisis as well as Professor Georg Kirchsteiger from Brussels Universite Librè. President Clinton's former advisor Robert Wescott gave his insights on political economics. If you want to have a look at the summerschool program and other useful materials please check the downloadable materials here below. You can also find the documents that lecturers used during their classes.

To view all the pictures of the summerschool please follow this link:
photogallery summerschool 2009

The I.S.E.O summerschool was organized in cooperation with KISSEP, the Kiel Institute Summerschool on Economic Policy, which took place in Kiel from 28th June to 3th July 2009. For details.

Downloadable documents:
- Summerschool program 2009 and lecturers' biographies (.pdf)
- Summerschool leaflet 2009 (.pdf )
Documents used by lecturers: :
- William Sharpe (.pps)
- Michael Spence (.pps)
- David Vines (.pps)
- Robert Wescott (.pps)
- Georg Kirchsteiger - presentation I (.pdf)
- Georg Kirchsteiger - presentation II (.pdf)
- Georg Kirchsteiger - presentation III (.pdf)
- Georg Kirchsteiger - presentation IV (.pdf)
Photogallery Have a look at the pictures taken during the Summer School 2009
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