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SummerSchool 2007
Europe and US: Comparing Social Models
23rd-30th June 2007
The 4th I.S.E.O SummerSchool
Doubles the numer of participants

The fourth edition of the I.S.E.O summerschool has been a both terrific and unexpected success. In fact, beyond having an extraordinary stream of applications (largely more than 120), the profile of the candidates for the I.S.E.O summerschool 2007 were almost all excellent, including phd, master and assistant professors coming from 56 different universities and 30 different countries around the world.

The valuating commission then, rather than taking a severe and strict decision roughly motivated due to homogeneity of the profiles of the students, decided to enlarge the number of possible participants of the school.

Namely, the fourth edition of the summerschool doubled the number of participants: from the 40 students of the three previous edition to 80 participants in 2007. This unexpected but extremely satisfying opportunity not only gratified the hard job that I.S.E.O had made in its 9 years of activity but also perfectly matched with the aim of the institute which is that of spreading the economic culture. Moreover I.S.E.O has been particularly honoured to have Prof. Vernon Smith (Nobel Laureate 2002, George Mason University) and Prof. Robert Solow (Nobel Laureate 1987 MIT) as oustanding teachers of the summerschool.
Teachers and topics of the 2007 ISEO SummerSchool
Giacomo Vaciago
Università Cattolica
Europe in the world economy
Tito Boeri
Università Bocconi
Globalisation: a smaller welfare state?
Vernon Smith
Nobel Laureate 2002
George Mason University
Jean Paul Fitoussi
President Observatoire
Francais des Conjonctures Economiques
Robert Solow
Nobel Laureate 1987
Dennis Snower
President Kiel Institute for World Economics
Explanations of Unemployment
What students said about the I.S.E.O SUMMERSCHOOL 2007
“I would like to thank you for the very well organized week we had spent in ISEO. There is no need to mention the magnificent view and natural beauty this town enjoys, as this was obvious during the trips we have been in, but the students, you and Professor Solow added great deal of joy and fun to this "one of a kind" experience.”
FADI ALI, Palestine
“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank I.S.E.O for all the help, hospitality, professional organization, excellent seminars, sightseeing opportunities and for all social events from the bottom of my heart. I found Italy a fascinating, extremely beautiful and interesting place with very hospitable and nice people. The summerschools was academically, socially and sightseeing-wise professionally thought, designed and organized. I found it very useful, interesting, and enjoyable experience. Last, but not the least,I made excellent friendships with participants from all countries, which I believe will continue into the future. The participants were well chosen, as all of them had quite professional background. The lectures were well delivered as well. If I had a chance, I would participate in all ISEO summer schools.”
Downloadable documents:
- Summerschool program 2007 and speakers' bio (.pdf)
Photogallery Have a look at the pictures taken during the Summer School 2007
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