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Istituto di Studi Economici e per l'Occupazione
Learn Economics from Nobel Laureates
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1 Watch the video of the SummerSchool by Robert Solow
1 General Description
The I.S.E.O Summer School is one of the few summer courses in the world with Nobel Laureates teaching: every edition features two or even three Nobel Laureates in Economics together with some of the most important international economists.
The high specialized website Inomics has included the I.S.E.O Summer School in the top ten list of the best Summer School in Economics in the world.

The summer course was born in 2004, following an idea of the founder of the I.S.E.O institute, Prof.Franco Modigliani, and with the important support of the chairman of the association, Prof. Robert Solow.

The I.S.E.O Summer School takes place every year in Iseo, which is a lovely village located on the lake Iseo, in Northern Italy, not very far from Milan.
The period in which the course takes place every year is the last part of June: it's a wonderful period in Italy, as the weather starts being very generous with sunny and warm days.

The aim of the Summer School is that of gathering a large number of graduate students (more or less 80 participants per year) coming from the most important international universities to improve their knowledge in economics.
The major part of these participants are phd students, who already graduated in economics or social sciences.

The Summer School last a whole week and it is made of a fair combination of lectures, debates and discussion on one hand, and trips and excursion into the most beautiful corners of Northern Italy on the other.

The location of the Summer School is the wonderful Iseolago hotel (link: settled in Iseo: this is where the participants together with the speakers stay and eat for the whole week, and also where the classes take place.
The hotel is gifted with a lovely park, a swimming pool and a spa.
All the participants of the Summer School have also the chance to get into a swimming-pool center which is just nearby the hotel, where they can use sport facilities (tennis courts, volleyball and basket fields, kayak and many others) for free.
1 The contents
The I.S.E.O. Summer School introduces to some of the principles of international economy, investigating the role of different Countries in the international economic scenario. It focuses on growth, on the strategies and instruments of monetary policy, on the structure and mechanisms of the financial sector and the global market, with a particular focus on the welfare state and unemployment.
Every year there is a different specific title of the Summer School which is always bond to the real actuality.

The structure of the course is based on a combination of lectures and debates: every class include a one hour lecture run by the Nobel Laureate or the key-speaker and then the remaining part, more or less a couple of hours, is dedicated to an interesting and stimulating debate.

The relationship between the Nobel Laureates or the key-speakers and the participants of the Summer School not only takes place during classes but it lasts for the whole week, even during leisure time: all the lecturers take part to the trips, excursions and every other moment of the day organized by the Institute. They always have breakfast, lunch and dinner together with the students, chatting and discussing with them with great pleasure.

At the end of the course there is one of the most expected moment of the Summer School: the institute organizes a lovely gala dinner during which participants receive an attendance certificate directly from one of the Nobel Laureates attending the Summer School. This ceremony is attended by the whole group of the students, the speakers, some representatives from the local institutions and also by the sponsors of the course.

Since 2010 the I.S.E.O Summer School offers the chance to some participants to present their researches in front of a wide variety of students coming from all over the world and in front of Nobel Laureates and key-speakers. This is called "Iseo Summer School-Your lecture". For further information please check the web page dedicated to the next edition of the Summer School.
1 How to apply, Fee and Scholarships
Potential candidates are graduate students (or former graduate students) in Economics or Social Sciences, researchers, teaching assistants who can speak and understand English, as there is no translation at all.
Criteria for admission to the Summer School are based on curriculum vitae and students preparation to participate in advanced studies on the subject. In order to apply, students have to fill in an application form downloadable from the web page dedicated to the upcoming Summer School and send it back via email to together with their personal cv.
Early application is highly encouraged since enrolment is limited.

The fee amounts to € 2.500,00 and includes: the course and the documentation, full boarding staying in the four star Iseo lago hotel (Accomodation will be in double or triple room and breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included), trips and local transportation. Personal expenses and any other expense not expressly stated are not included.

In order to allow everyone to take part to such an important course, especially students coming from undeveloped countries, the I.S.E.O Institute awards some talented students with some scholarships amounting to € 1,500.00.
Therefore awarded students shall have to pay just the remaining € 1.000,00.
A special committee will evaluate all the applications and will decide which students to award with the scholarship. This decision will be taken according to the cv, the profile and the academic or professional experience of each enrolled student, together with the motivation to participate to the course. For further information please check the webpage dedicated to the upcoming Summer School or contact the secretariat at

In order to have more information we suggest you to check the webpage dedicated to the next edition of the I.S.E.O Summer School, watch the video presented by Prof.Robert Solow, download the leaflets here below or see the pictures in our photogallery.
1 Downloadable documents:
- Top Ten Summer School
- I.S.E.O Summer School General Brochure
- I.S.E.O Summer School Facts & Figures
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I.S.E.O Institute Facebook page
Iseo Lago hotel - the location for lectures and staying
Iseo - the town of the Summer School and the homonymous lake
Bergamo Airport - 30 minutes from Iseo
Milan Linate Airport - 60 minutes from Iseo
Malpensa Airport - 80 minutes from Iseo
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