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Istituto di Studi Economici e per l'Occupazione
Learn Economics from Nobel Laureates
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Due to its nature of non profit association, the I.S.E.O Institute relies on the economic support given every year by several institutions, companies and firms which decides to finance the events organized by I.S.E.O.

Going into specific, the I.S.E.O Summer School is mostly supported by partial scholarships offered by private sponsors: every scholarship is given to talented applicants, especially to those coming from undeveloped countries, so that they just have to cover a small part of the Summer School fee and personal expenses.

In addition, during the week of the Summer School, all the sponsors have the chance to know personally the participants who received their scholarship.
More in general, every sponsor of the I.S.E.O Institute receives the highest visibility: their logos and names are published on all the materials produced for the event, and they can obviously take part to the event they have helped to support.
Some of the sponsors of the Summer School 2009 during the gala dinner
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