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Learn Economics from Nobel Laureates
Franco Modigliani
1918-2018 Franco Modigliani's Legacy in the World Economy
Saturday 23rd of June, 9 a.m., Università degli Studi di Brescia

One-hundred years after the birth of Franco Modigliani (1918-2018), the I.S.E.O Institute – Institute for Studies on Economics and Employment – is paying tribute to its founder, one of the most renowned and appreciated economists in the world.In 1985, he was the only Italian in history to receive a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his “pioneering analyses of saving and of financial markets”. During his life, Modigliani actively participated in debates on economic policies and labour markets. Even after moving to the United States in 1939, due to the Jewish persecutions, Franco remained an observant critic of the Italian economy. His colleague and friend Paul Samuelson has defined him as “the greatest living economist” and some others as “one of the brightest brains that Hitler offered the United States”.

In 1998, during one of his many trips to Italy, Franco Modigliani founded the Institute for Studies on Economics and Employment in Iseo (Northern Italy). He led the non-profit association right until his death in 2003, promoting major international conferences that gave birth to crucial manifestos, in particular the "Manifesto on Unemployment" in the EU.

Besides being 51st international conference promoted by I.S.E.O Institute, “Franco Modigliani's Legacy in the World Economy” is going to be a tribute for the Italian Nobel Laureate and a recognition of his work, still precious and present this day.

Un tributo che l'Istituto I.S.E.O promuove d'intesa con uno dei suoi partner di lungo corso, l'Università degli Studi di Brescia.

The I.S.E.O Institute promotes this tribute with one of its long-time partners, University of Brescia.

Conference details

The conference is divided in two sessions: the first session features Robert Merton (Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997) and Marco Pagano (professor at the University of Naples), the second one Robert Engle (Nobel Prize in Economics in 2003) and Gianni Amisano (Federal Reserve Board).

The conference will take place on Saturday the 23rd of June from 9:00 to 12:30 in the main hall (Aula Magna) of the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Brescia, in Via San Faustino 74, Brescia.

The closest guarded parking is Fossa Bagni (access from Via Lombroso or Via San Faustino). For more information go to

How to participate

The entrance to the conference is free of charge: however, it is mandatory to reserve seats in advance using the registration form below.


In the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Franco Modigliani, I.S.E.O Institute is pleased to provide a series of valuable documents about his life and his work. Below you can download the official press release written by the Royal Swedish Academy announcing the award of the Nobel Prize to Modigliani, the entire text of the lecture that the Italian-American professor gave for the occasion, as well as his speech of thanks. There is also available the autobiography written by Modigliani himself in 1985 and his “Manifesto on Unemployment in the European Union” launched on the occasion of the first convention of the I.S.E.O Institute in 1998.

"Modigliani's caricature
"in front of Iseo town hall

"Modigliani received
the Nobel prize in 1985"

"Modigliani teaching"

"Modigliani founded I.S.E.O in 1998"

Downloadable material

- Conference invitation 23rd June 2018
- Nobel Lecture
- Autobiography by Franco Modigliani
- Press release Royal Swedish Academy
- Banquet speech
- An Economists' Manifesto on Unemployment in the European Union
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