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49th International conference
covegni covegni
"Health, growth and finance"
Università degli studi di Brescia, 17th June 2016

The I.S.E.O. Institute's 49th International Public Conference held at Università degli studi di Brescia opened with an introduction by Roberto Savona, professor in Finance Markets and Institutions at the university of Brescia. It was followed by a lecture of the 2015 Nobel Prize-winning economists, Professor Angus Deaton, from Princeton University, and Professor Robert Stein, professor in Finance at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The discussion ended up with a lecture by Guido Rasi, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency. During the meeting, which has been attended by over 250 delegates including enterpreneurs, politicians, journalists, students and professors, speakers have explored a theme between international economy and medicines, between economy and health: how can we support growth, health and welfare in Europe? Are there any innovative financial instruments at disposal to fund research in the health field? Are the USA leading a new way of financing health and wealth? The discussion has specifically focused on crucial topics such as research on cancer, Alzheimer, and orphan diseases. If you want to get deep into the contents of the conference, you can download each speaker's slides used during the meeting here below or consult our section "Press" with all the articles published on several newspapers after the conference. You can also check out pictures in the photo gallery.
Downloadable material:
- Angus Deaton "Health, growth and medicines"
- Guido Rasi "Role of drug regulation"
- Roberto Savona "Health, growth and finance"
- Conference invitation
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